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60th Anniversary Treasure Hunt!

2012 is the 60th Anniversary year of the Classic Car Club of America. We are working on a history of the Club and are looking for historic photographs, printed material and memorabilia from the 60 years the CCCA has been in existence to include in that history. We are asking you to share your memories, help fill in the blanks and we need you to do it now.

Over the years the original photographs used in the Club publications have been returned to their rightful owners after they have been published. That means our archive on people, events and cars is very thin. We are hoping that, as collectors, you have photographs or items you would be willing to share with the entire Club during the 60th Anniversary Year Celebration.

We have already started work on the Club’s History — this is where we need your help. If you have photographs, printed material or items that will help document the CARavans®, Grand Classics®, Annual Meeting or any CCCA activity since 1952 you are willing share, send them in. All materials will become part of the permanent CCCA Archive, even if you want them returned, as they will be stored digitally for future members to enjoy.

Here’s how it will work. If you have a photograph – attach a note to the back identifying the year, the place and who or what car is pictured. Have a flyer from a club event, a nifty pin or other item from an event – add a note with it telling us about it and what you know about the item. Be sure to tell us if you want the photographs and items returned, make sure you provide a return mailing address.

If you want to send a digital image or a scanned copy, please be sure that it is a 300 dpi RGB JPG file. Just remember to include a note in Microsoft Word or a plain text document with the information with identifying your image.

Time is short and since it is the season when we enjoy our sport the most – you need to act now. We will need the materials before September 1st, 2011. Katie Robins has already completed the year-by-year record of six-decades of CCCA, so dig in to your collection to help us with this most important and urgent work. Sent your contribution for the 60th Anniversary History of the CCCA to:

CCCA History
C/O Herip Associates
P.O. Box 309
Peninsula, Ohio 44264


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