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1905-2005: 100 Years of Automotive Progress:
International Automobile Salon of Geneva
Book by Joëlle de Syon and Brigitte Sion.
Reviewed by Ferdinand Hediger

Hardbound, 325 pages, text in English, profusely illustrated in black/white and color. 10 by 13-1/3 inches, ISBN 2-8321-0156-9. Published for the International Automobile Salon of Geneva by Slatkine Publishers, Geneva. Available from specialised bookshops at $63.00 plus postage and packing. T.E.Warth Esq. Automotive Books is working on having the book available. 651-433-5744.

 For the Centenary of the International Automobile Salon of Geneva in 2005 the authors conducted a thorough research and found much forgotten information and many documents, illustrations and details. The carefully produced book allows a fine presentation of text and pictures. The nine chapters are in chronological order, each sectioned into the history of the Salon, the car industry, technical progress, automotive society and motor sport. The historical views and information on the pre-war years is especially attractive. Apart from photographs, posters, postcards, advertisements, etc. are used. Some of them are quite hilarious. After the early anti-automobile sentiment in Switzerland, which led to warnings abroad not to visit the country, a keen interest and enthusiasm for the motor car took place. Press reports represent the authentic frame of mind at the time. At the end of the book all posters of the Geneva Salon are reproduced in colour. Statistical information is listed; a bibliography and an index are helpful. The book presents a vivid picture of one hundred years of the Geneva Salon. Some inaccuracies of translation and small errors in technical matters will not deter enthusiasts from buying the new book. It is very carefully printed and produced. As no commercial profit is planned the price is very reasonable.