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CCCA Board Enjoys Automotive Row

National Board in Chicago

On Saturday Dec 2, 2018 the CCCA national Board of Directors had a grand evening at the Richard H. Driehaus Collection at Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage, located in the heart of the (historic Automotive Row) South Loop neighborhood in downtown Chicago, IL. Stephen Murphy, Curator and General Mgr of the collection, led us on a lively tour of the facility and we saw some spectacular Full Classic® Examples. The collection spans an entire Century from a 1903 curved dash Olds to a 21st century Exide Battery concept car. In between that span, we saw a Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow, several Classic® era Lincolns, Cadillacs, Packards, Pierce-Arrows, and a Model J Duesenberg (once owned by James Cagney-this has not been confirmed). The tour was like a private concours event with many unique and historically significant automobiles on display.

Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage® is a private collection but they also do exceptional restoration work for themselves and other individuals. The attention to detail was evident in all of their cars, and it was comforting to hear that they also do this for customers. Concours level / 100 point calibre work was easy to see in the collection and it was pointed out that any of the vehicles could be driven and enjoyed at a moments notice. That is an enormous accomplishment.

After the tour we enjoyed a Taste of Chicago menu featuring authentic Chicago Deep dish pizza, which did not last long. An Irish coffee bar rounded out the evening before our ride back to the host hotel. The CCCA wishes to thank Stephen, his wife, Liz Davis, and Mark Hooper, who were wonderful and gracious hosts. We look forward to our next opportunity to visit.

Click here to visit the Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage website.




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