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History of Judging

How did this all begin; what happened along the way; and where are we going?

by Jon Lee, National Head Judge 2000

As I have observed and participated in judging at non-CCCA events with various types of judging methods, I have become more convinced that the CCCA judging methods are just about the best around. Not perfect, mind you, but generally fair and accurate. My seldom-humble opinions are echoed by the high esteem in which CCCA awards are held throughout the Collector Car world. That does not mean our system cannot or should not be improved. As will be seen, there have been many changes to the CCCA system, most, but not all of them successful. While these procedural alterations have been ongoing the basic premise of judging a Full Classicâ„¢ on its own merits with the standard being "as new" has not changed.

The earliest "Judged" events for CCCA members were the International Motor Sports Shows in New York City. I have not found any information on just how the cars were judged, just results, but I would assume it was similar to what we would now refer to as "Concours style" judging. Maybe some of our Charter members can tell us what went on at these shows in 1952 and 53.