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2010 CCCA Annual Meeting Recap
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“Night of Honors” Marks Awards Dinner Held During CCCA 2010 Annual Meeting

It was a “night of honors” as individuals were honored for their contributions to the CCCA in a variety of roles and awards were bestowed on Classic automobiles that were displayed at the annual meeting on Saturday evening, January 9.

Outgoing CCCA President Sally Perkins of Indiana was recognized by incoming CCCA President Al Kroemer of Texas for her efforts during a sometime tumultuous two-year term leading the club. Mrs. Perkins received a handsome, custom-made pin to commemorate her service.

The club’s Distinguished Service award was presented to long-time board member, past president and former classification committee chairman Jon Lee of Maine, The Classic Spirit award, in memory of Mary Jean Holman, was presented to Fred Guyton of St. Louis.

Also recognized was long-time CCCA office administrator Katie Robbins, who has served in that capacity for 25 years. In late 2009 Jay Quail was named the club’s first professional executive director. Mrs. Robbins will continue to work with Mr. Quail during this transition. In recognition of her long service to the club Mrs. Robbins was presented with an original painting of her 1938 Cadillac V16 town car in front of the CCCA Museum, which she also serves a treasurer.

Receiving the Warshawsky Award for the top Classic at the annual meeting was a spectacular and imposing 1928 Daimler Double Six owned and restored by Bob and Barbara Lorkowski of Wisconsin. The Daimler was one of several cars that received 100 points in the Classic judging on Saturday. More than 40 Classics were displayed at San Diego’s beautiful Seaside Park.

Two outgoing CCCA directors were recognized for their service to the club: Phil Doty, who served as the club’s treasurer for two years, and Terry Johnson, who served a the club’s membership chairman during his three-year term.

During the evening CCCA Museum President Walter Blenko announced that the museum will undertake an expansion to accommodate the growing library and archives. The addition will be named the Beverly Rae Kimes Research Center, in honor of the late, long-time editor of CCCA publications and automotive historian. Fund-raising efforts for the museum addition were successfully launched by Fred Guyton and Lee Barthel.

Also recognized during the evening was Ron Verschoor of California, who has succeeded Beverly Rae Kimes as editor of CCCA publications, and Diane Kernan of California, who served as 2010 annual meeting coordinator.

A special guest who attended the evening’s activities was 91 year-old Art Fitzpatrick, very likely the last surviving designer from the Classic Era.  Mr. Fitpatrick worked for Howard “Dutch” Darrin in the design of the final pre-war Darrin-designed Packards. Mr. Fitzpatrick was introduced by Mike Ames, who owns a one-off Packard Darrin sedan that was designed by Mr. Fitzpatrick.

A complete report on the Saturday night awards dinner, including a complete list of all Classics on display, will appear in the next issue of The Classic Car.

The 2011 CCCA annual meeting will be held in Palm Beach, Florida at the historic Breakers Hotel.

Photo: Michelle Herrera

rule Al Kroemer Elected CCCA President, New 2010 Board Members Selected

Al Kroemer of Texas has been elected president of the Classic Car Club of America, succeeding Sally Perkins of Indiana. The announcement was made during the club’s business meeting onThursday, January 7, during the club’s annual meeting in San Diego.  

Re-elected as club directors were incumbents Tom Brace and John Kefalonitis. Newcomers elected to the board were Ron DeWoskin, Roy Margenau and Bill Tilden. In addition, two unexpired board terms were filled. Howard Freedman was appointed to fill the unexpired two-year term of Bob Joynt and David Johnson was appointed to fill the unexpired one-year term of Phil Doty. Both Doty and Joynt resigned from the board in 2009.

Other club officers elected for 2010 were John Kefalonitis, First Vice President; Bill Tilden, Vice President for Publications; Roy Margenau, Vice President for Regions; Paul Ayres, Secretary and Howard Freedman, Treasurer. Committee chairmanships for 2010 were also announced.

During the meeting Jay Quail was introduced as the club’s new executive director. He succeeds Katie Robbins, who will continue to serve the club as executive director emeritus. She will continue to attend board meetings and work with Mr. Quail during the transition.

During the club’s board meeting highlights from the recently-conducted CCCA member survey were shared with attendees by board member Tom Jones, who coordinated the survey. The complete results will be available in the near future on the club’s web site and in club publications.

Following the morning’s business meetings, many attendees visited the world famous San Diego Zoo. A regional editors’ meeting was held that afternoon, as well.  

On Thursday evening, regional awards were presented following a dinner held aboard the legendary U. S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Midway, which is now docked in the San Diego harbor. A complete list of all awards presented during this dinner will appear shortly on the CCCA web site as well as in CCCA publications.

ruleCCCA Annual Meeting Attendees Visit Exclusive Evans Collection

The 2010 CCCA Annual Meeting in San Diego, California opened on Thursday, January 6 with a spectacular private tour of the Evans family collection of vintage automobiles – one of the "hidden gems" in the collector car hobby and visited by few individuals.

In addition to a unique collection of vintage automobiles the museum includes antique stained glass windows, antique tapestries, vintage advertising and a 1917 airplane from theh Royal Flying Corps. Included in the automobile collections are a 1905 Pope Toledo, 1894 Benz, 1913 Mercer, 1905 Columbia Electric, 1923 Lincoln touring and many more.  There is also an emphasis on early racing cars and currently on display are a 1911 Mercedes "Blitzen Benz" (as raced by the legendary Barney Oldfield), 1913 Isotta Fraschini that raced at the Indianapolis 500 and a Fiat that was raced in the early Vanderbilt Cup races.

What a collection!  Special thanks to Bill Evans for opening the doors to this wonderful collection!

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